Monday, September 27, 2010

Never a burden, always a blessing

Two weeks ago, I knew her as Julia...the name given to her by Reece's Rainbow to protect her identity.

Last week I discovered Julia's real name but by learning her true name, I also discovered details about her life which brought me to my knees sobbing. Details of her care and her existence were almost too much to bear. Anger as I felt my flesh yelling "How DARE a child be treated this way!"  I spent the entire day crying like I haven't cried since my daughter Emma passed away. You see...

Julia could be MY CHILD.

If my own Emma, my "little bit",who had the same disorder as Julia, had been born in another country to someone else, she could have ended up in a crib, left alone, taken out only to be fed and changed never knowing the way it feels to be held, loved and cherished. A burden on society, deemed not worthy of the care needed to help her thrive.

No one would have ever known ...

THIS Smile.

Emma was so much more than what you saw on the outside, many perceived her as not comprehending anything. But she did! She learned sign language, learned to sit up, played pat a cake, ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, stole her baby sister's pacifier right out of her mouth, waved bye to her physical therapist when she was DONE with being tortured! She held her arms up into the air when she wanted to be held, and cried tears when she didn't get her way.  She squealed with joy when her daddy walked through the door and snuggled up in her mommy's arms every single day.

She was ADORED.

And Cherished.

Despite a life threatening condition, she flourished through love.

Her daddy was her hero.

She knew the love of her grandparents.

And when the Lord began to call her home,

She was wrapped in the arms of her mommy, and was HELD.

My eyes have been opened. God has shown me his heart for orphans. I have not a clue the outcome this will have on my life but I thank Him for orchestrating a plan designed to glorify his holy name! I know there are no accidents - I learned about Julia for a reason, whether it be advocating for, ministry to orphanages or adoption in the future I thank God for opening my eyes, for burdening my heart.

Through faith and listening to His call, a bridge has been formed straight to Julia. Julia, and all children born with special needs are not a burden, but a blessing.

She will soon be held.


  1. Your Emma is just precious! Your love for her is obvious, as it even out pours to Julia. I'm praying that as you advocate for her, that she will find her family soon!

  2. Marianne, love is the greatest gift of all!!! I too pray Julia will find her way to a mommies and daddies arms soon.

  3. Bawling my eyes out after reading this post -- I miss Emma sooooo much. She meant the world to me & I was forever changed when she left this life. Praying Julia can receive that same kind of love for as long as God chooses to have her grace this Earth. Love you much, Kim!!!

    xoxoxo Gwen Hartley