Saturday, September 25, 2010

Praise God!!!

God is truly pouring out his mercy, grace and unfailing love over this sweet child!!!

When I began this journey I had no idea the turn it would take. My hope was to find a home for Julia...this hope has grown into so much more. God is showing his mercy and grace through the life of one little girl, a little girl who has never known the word Jesus...

A week after I started blogging about Julia another incredible woman began blogging about her.

Thank you Jesus!

This person knows Julia...met her earlier in the year, this lady loves Julia. Read here... for more.
Because of this incredible lady's  blessed blog..Julia now has nearly $12,000 in just a few days!!! Praise God!

Not only is this incredible woman, Adeye, helping raise money for Julia's adoption fund...she is bringing attention to Cockayne syndrome! Amazing!!!

One precious little girl halfway around the world has no idea how much she is loved. I pray she will soon be wrapped up in arms, snuggled and told what a beautiful child of God she is. I have been brought to my knees in joy, thanks and overwhelming emotion. Such a contrast to the sick, sick feeling I had just a few days ago when I learned of the condition of Julia's life and care.

Just absorbing the awe inspiring glory that is God's love..huge. His love is being shown through one little girl's story.

I sit here Amazed. In Awe. Moved. Never Broken. For He is good...all the time.

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  1. Hey,
    I wrote a note about all the good you are doing here on my blog today. I hope it helps spread awareness! Praying that Yulia finds a loving home to be adopted into soon!